April is rosacea awareness month.

One of our patients gave us permission to share her personal success story, which she contributed to our Google+ page.

By Reagan P.

“Beauty may only be skin deep, but it may only be true when you have a beautiful skin.
Those of us familiar with a day-to-day struggle with rosacea know that the emotional distress and social implications associated with the looks of our skin extend way beyond its depth.
My skin would flare up with agonizing redness in the middle of an important meeting at work, at a dinner date with that cute guy who would never ask me out again, at a store, at the gym… Normally witty, I always failed to make light of these situations, hating my skin for its betrayal. I do not recall a single day without having to reassure a random good Samaritan that “no, I am not having a heart attack” or without being unintentionally insulted by an innocent child. I had days when the responsibility to show up for work was the only thing that kept me from the grip of agoraphobia.
But I was going to get in control of it – I was going to get help.
I did my bit of reading and research and decided to look into laser treatments for my rosacea. As a side note, I wanted to clarify that I did have other treatments in the past and I found topical medications and oral antibiotics effective to some degree before I hit the treatment plateau.
As excited as I was about trying a new approach, I was not about to entrust my hyperactive and unpredictable skin to anyone. I came across the mentioning of Juno Dermatology and Brittany Zimmerman in some of the on-line reviews with regards to her success in managing rosacea with laser treatments. Very similar cases to mine. Upon further research, I found out that Brittany is a virtuoso in the world of aesthetic lasers. And that’s how she became my dermatologist.
Brittany told me I had an erythematotelangiectatic rosacea – unpronounceable, but not untreatable. She was very honest with me – she told me I wasn’t in for an overnight miracle or a cure, but a series of laser treatments and a proper skincare at home would help me to manage my condition and improve the appearance of my skin. I committed to a package of three treatments, done a month apart. Brittany worked with me beyond what my purchase entitled. Even though the very first treatment session gave me the results I was excited about, she spent extra time at each appointment that followed fine-tuning my settings to deliver the results she was satisfied with as well and to ensure a long term improvement for me.
Brittany’s intelligence, experience and progressive approach make her an outstanding provider in her field, but on top of that I am humbled by her dedication to my personal success story.
Transforming my skin has transformed my life in more ways than putting that extra spring in my step.”

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